Jim Willie on gold




April 17, 2013 · 18:44

2 responses to “Jim Willie on gold

  1. Tom Eden

    Are you kidding me! The libertards such as this putz have about as much sense as a single-cell organism.

  2. Are you that far under a rock Tommy, I mean look at the real picture not the red/blue idocy you subscribe to. Sorry dude, the lamestream media has your ass totally blind. Our federal government has helped the corporate entities rape the world using our military resources. Liberal/conservative, I promise you can’t tell the difference anymore. Your email streams prove this to the max. It’s about as real as boxing wrestling football and all the others. Read the fix is in. Then look at our federal government. Federal reserve has been counterfitting for 100 years now. The only money we make besides true gold and silver eagles is the nickel, right now it’s probably worth about 7 cents melted down. I wish all my friends would pull their heads out of their asses, but “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them THINK”. Every one of you that play the voting game in this country are insane. Unless you carry billions of dollars to your favorite politician, YOUR VOTE DON’T COUNT. Realize this before our country is third world. WAKE THE FUCK UP, I can’t tell it any clearer.

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