“No Hesitation” Targets For New Mexico Public Safety / plus UN Small Arms Treaty Update

Keys To Liberty

If you don’t think other states are not involved in using ‘No Hesitation’ targets for law enforcement; I have news for you. Count on it that they are.
The following are a series of photos showing the New Mexico Public Safety Department and its own ‘No Hesitation’ targets, and as always includes women, men and patriots. They were forwarded to me by the a New Mexico Militia Commander.  They were left on a rifle range to blow in the wind.  So much for the State of New Mexico caring about littering the country side.  But it is nice of them to reveal themselves.







“Pictures tell a thousand words”, and continue too with these photos.  Can it be anymore obvious ‘who’ is represented in these targets?  Gone are the old men defending a field with a shot gun, as in previous ‘No Hesitation’ targets, as well as the old woman in…

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