Mandatory Savings Accounts Are Coming Your Way what does this mean

count down to zero-time

the government which is  run by the bankers  their through their american federal reserve  system are  now calling for mandatory savings accounts for Americans. This will help to bolster bank balance sheets to  boost their cash capital reserves for  fractional banking so they can leverage even more and make larger profits and bigger bonuses. Americans  most of which can not afford to save any money because of the growing cost of living with food and fuel cots rising exponentially are going to be forced if the banks get their way into this new scam. It seems the people who were encouraged to spend spend spend in the gold old days are now being told to save save save  in the bad. For  sensible person you might ask yourself shouldn’t it have been the other way around and yes you would be correct, but  the banks which live on their predatory banking…

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