6/3/2013 — New Youtube Format forced upon all channels — MAJOR limitations

Haven’t tried yet, but it looks a little lame. All services seem to be going lame since mobile became so strong……So sad…..

Youtube = One step forward, five steps back.

Over the next several days, all Youtube channels will be forced to make the switch to the “new design”.

Made the switch on my channels today, and I’m really not liking the new format.



Screenshot below shows two different views of my same dutchsinse channel — one view for subscribers — one view for the general public:

dutchsinse new page


Lame.  Now we have TWO different views to manage…. both missing basic youtube functions like a main video on your main page..  WTH?

To top it off, the people who ARE subscribed no longer see a playing recommended video up top… now the COMPUTER selects “what to watch next”.. for instance, on my channel the Youtube computer is putting up a recommended video from May 24th .. on today.. June 3rd… I have uploaded other MORE RECENT videos which are being skipped!

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