Just in time for Buildeburg’s 2013 meeting Cola’s Subliminal Ad Message to the sheeple


count down to zero-time

Just in time for Buildeburg’s 2013  Cola’s Subliminal Ad Message let’s us know how easily it is to defeat them, Being the arrogant wicked satanists they are they are confident enough to push this add as a pimple on the face of humanity

Is the new ‘Coca-Colaadvertisement that is now being broadcast worldwide called “Chairs” an ‘anti-illuminati’ advertisement, as is now being shared by some people, or is it another direct shot in the face of a dumbed down populace and overpowered humanity? Check out the ad; the symbolism is there, it can’t be missed. They clearly hit the nail right on the head in this one. ‘They’ are vastly outnumbered. If only we understood, we only need to ‘stand up’. As for Coca-Cola and their GMO’s & HFCS, I avoid their poison, like the plague. They share their ’4 commitments to fight overweight and sedentary lifestyle

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