(With apologies to Gandhi)

1. Telling others how to live when you
really don’t know how to live yourself.

2. Thinking you have the right answers
when you don’t even know the questions.

3. Believing your way is the best way for
everyone and then attempting to force
them to conform “for their own good.”

4. Using the force of government to extract
the fruits of others labor to support
your favorite causes.

5. Demanding that others not be exposed
to ideas that you consider offensive at
the moment, but promoting your own
thoughts as pure, clean, enlightened.

6. Trusting that your conception of spirituality
is the True One and because of that will be
elevated above other misinformed souls.

7. Firmness in the knowledge after reading this,
that they don’t apply to you, so you don’t
raise your voice in objection to those who
are guilty of committing these deadly sins.

Jotted on the back of an offering envelope
at a boring church service several years ago
by Bob Crawford of Akron, Ohio.

(Published in “LiteStream” March 30, 2003)


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