A flippant Response

Hi Adam,

I am impressed by your indignant attitude and your fierce loyalty to Art Bell. Well done! More people should have your passion. The world would be a better place if people were like you and came to the defense of those who are being maligned by bullies. You are a good man.

So, you are disgusted by the evil, stupid destroyer, George Noory, correct? You stand on the moral high ground here, right?

Art Bell comes out of retirement again to poach listeners from Coast to Coast AM because he does not like that George Noory does not ask the kind of follow up questions that he would. Okaaaaaay. The world is churning and this is what you are all worked up over? Ghost hunters and talk show hosts? Yikes.

Art Bell is a big boy who has been attacking our show and George Noory for years. He has thrown down the gauntlet and has told the world he is back on for revenge and to hurt our show. How noble.

Art wants to take us down, yet cries foul when he is out maneuvered. Would you give somebody who was out to hurt you the benefit of the doubt? Of course not. This is business and we are servicing OUR listeners and OUR sponsors not our competitors.

Fight the good fight, man.

Lisa Lyon, Producer





From: Adam A. Russell 
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 3:30 AM
To: lisa@coasttocoastam.com; tom@coasttocoastam.com; george@coasttocoastam.com
Subject: Daek Matter Disrespect

Hey guys,
I am about to unsubscribe to streamlink.
Premier radio and George Noory are the problem,
I used to respect C2CAM however after all the snubs on Art Bell’s Dark Matter show by the producers and Noory, the neglect to thank the founder of c2cam AND scooping the guests.


You can save my subscription by sending Noory packing and make John B. Wells the full time host. Maybe you can let George do a fill in show every few months or something.
And get rid of whatever lowlife producer set up McGrff on the show AFTER it was announced on the Dark Matter website.


And not scooping Art’s guests.


I expect a response from this honest criticism.

Also George Noory is pretty lame of an interviewer.
He misses questions all the time because you can tell he does not listen to the guests or callers half the time.


Awaiting your response,



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6 responses to “A flippant Response

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  2. http://darkmatterxm.com/threads/noory-owes-his-career-to-art-and-needs-to-have-more-respect.167/

    I am just wowed by the latest gaff over at premrat central. First, Noory cut off any callers back in June/July referencing Art’s new show. Then he stopped thanking Art at the end of Coast, only to bring back Art’s name due to the backlash. He tried to disrupt Art’s interview with Richard Hoagland by texting Richard while he was being interviewed by Art. Then, Einstein thought it would be a good idea to have Art’s nemesis, John Oates on the show. This is a guest who had been banned from Coast and also sued by Art for slander. But that wasn’t far enough. Next, Noory poached one of Art’s guests (Tobias McGriff). Tobias was supposed to be on Coast later in the month, but when snorge and tomtom got wind of his appearance date with Art, they moved up Tobias’ appearance date on Coast. What is it that Noory says about coincidence? But that still wasn’t enough, so he tried to bully the ghostbuster gals into cancelling with Art for last night’s show. What’s next? Is Art really going to have to keep the guest list a secret so that snoory doesn’t rip it off? Noory needs to spend less time focusing on Art’s show and focus on the trainwreck that is his own show.

    The worst is how George does nothing but lie and spin everything. He tries to come across as the nice guy as he explains everything away, but Noory has been caught in many, many lies over the years and apparently has no shame. Due to noory’s ineptness at everything in life, including telling lies, he has been painfully transparent. George is showing his true colors- a small, petty, immature and insecure man with no discernible talent who needed to steal all of his ideas from a true Master of the airwaves, Art.

    Noory was the Nighthawk (more like nightsquawk) before ripping off Art for the first, but sadly not the last time. Noory changed his own radio show as the Nighthawk to discuss matters of the paranormal, which Art had already been doing with much success. I don’t know how, but somehow Noory managed to trip and fall up into the seat of Coast to Coast, the empire which Art had so lovingly built. Was he grateful? No. He proceeded to use the show to try to get discovered by Hollywood and to act like the celebrity that he wasn’t. He put no work, no show prep, no energy, no anything into hosting the gig of a lifetime, of which he was not worthy in the first place. He has been coasting (no pun intended) on Art’s coattails for at least 10 years. You would think he would have a little more respect for Art, the man to whom George owes everything he has today.

    Am I being dramatic by saying that last statement? No. Before Noory was blessed with hosting Coast, he had multiple business failures, including the ill conceived and ill fated Marakesh Café. No doubt Noory though that all one needs to do to run a restaurant is walk around schmoozing and gladhanding the customers and the money would come rolling in. Add his broken marriages to the mix and you have a man who’s only claim to any type of success has been what Art gave him on a silver platter. Noory should be falling all over Art, instead of stabbing Art in the back every time he gets a chance.

    Noory was never so happy as when he thought Art had been gone for good. Here he is crowing about Art ‘retiring’:

  3. Jeanie

    Egomania at its best. I think the best thing for all parties concerned is to move on. Just keep on doing what you do best and all the slag will be burned off by the refining fire. What will be left will be pure gold.

    Forgiveness would be good sportsmanship. It’s just hard to keep kicking against the pricks. The person most affected by all the negativity is usually the last to forgive.

    I like both parties and will listen to both shows….unless I get tired of the backbiting.

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  6. Well, looks like Noory pays very close attention to the guest being interviewed when he snags his others guests. David Paulides has been George Knapp’s guest exclusively for years. So it even looks like George Noory is stealing guests from his co-workers whenever the ratings machine dictates….Too bad he doesn’t do this good of a job on his own guests. Is it a wonder the buzz on the net really puts Noory in his place. Premier radio should look into these tactics and discipline his ass. But Premier is a big part of the problem. Meanwhile Caravan To Midnight has taken over the job for Coast to Coast AM, thanks to John B. Wells. And Art should be out of his Serius/XM contract soon also.

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