“Dear Music,
It seems like years since I felt your soothing hand,
and I know I really shouldn’t say all this,
cause they tell me I’m only imagining you went away.
But it’s hard you see. I remember your silver seas,
and satin mountains, and you know it really hurts,
because, I feel so alone. And I don’t think after the way
I’ve treated you sometimes that you want me no more,
but anyway music, I have to keep on trying because
it’s the way that I know I’ve gotta live. You gotta
understand that being alone ain’t to cool,
and I always feel that loneliness,
when you don’t come to me… and so I get to feelin’…
that I gotta… live alone… love alone… and cry alone…
and sometimes… I feel I gotta die alone…”

Frank Marino


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